Criminal and Regulatory Defence for Professionals

April 29, 2019

 If you are a professional person facing criminal or regulatory proceedings, we understand how much of an impact this may have on both your personal and professional life. Stuart Sutton can help you protect your liberty and reputation. Our team is led by Stuart Sutton, a highly experienced professional defence lawyer who has helped many clients from a broad variety of regulated professions including, paramedics, social workers, nurses, midwives and school teachers, amongst many others.

Stuart can help prepare a robust defence for both professional regulatory proceedings and criminal investigations and prosecutions. If you are a professional facing allegations of misconduct or criminal charges, there is no time to delay. The sooner you get in touch with Tuckers the more options we have for your defence. Call today on 0808 164 6795 or 0808 169 5980.

Best Defence for Professionals

We understand how challenging this time may be for you. Not only are you facing prosecution or regulatory proceedings but even being accused of a crime can cause damage to your reputation. It can cause you to be suspended from your duties and have an effect on your continuing professional development and professional ability. Such allegations may even be causing difficulty in your personal and family life. All of these elements need to be handled with expert knowledge, skill and care, and Tuckers lawyers can do this whilst building the best defence for you.

We also offer a cost-effective service where clients are being both accused by their regulator and investigated by police for facing prosecution for the same matter. For example, where a medic/clinician who is accused of a sexual misfeasance or motivated behaviour by their regulator, but is also being investigated by the police and/or faces prosecution in relation to the same matter.

This can save the client costs because the information in relation to the case is relevant to both the Regulator and the Prosecutor.

Stuart Sutton has acted on a broad variety of cases and can help professionals with matters including, but not limited to:

  •           Historic sex offences
  •           Child offences
  •           Indecent images
  •           P2P file sharing
  •           Being falsely accused of a sexual crime
  •           Professional tribunal representation

In order to provide the best defence for clients, Stuart Sutton frequently works alongside highly-experienced defence barrister Mark Kelly on sexual offence cases. Their years of experience and profound knowledge of this area of law allows both Stuart and Mark to provide their clients with a robust and innovative defence service that is second to none.

Contact Stuart Sutton, Expert Historic Sexual Offence Lawyer London and Manchester, UK

If you are accused of misconduct or a criminal offence, you are likely to feel stressed, upset and worried about your future and your reputation. Such allegations can have a huge impact on the lives of those accused and so it is essential you get high-quality legal advice and representation. Stuart Sutton has an outstanding reputation in securing not guilty outcomes for professionals involved in a wide range of cases. He will use his extensive knowledge and skills to create a watertight defence strategy and minimise any impact such allegations have on your life. For immediate, expert legal advice, contact Stuart Sutton today on 0808 164 6795 or 0808 169 5980.