George Payne

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George is a Barrister who was called to the Bar in 2004 by Lincoln’s Inn, practising as a self-employed criminal Barrister in London before joining Tuckers Solicitors in 2009.

George has degrees in Astrophysics (BSc 1999 University College London) and Law (LLB 2002 City University). He was previously a winner of the John Smith Memorial International Mace for debating. He is a Hardwicke Scholar of Lincoln’s Inn and regularly trains barristers in advocacy both at the pupillage and new practitioner stages. He is also on the list of approved pupil supervisors.

George is an experienced jury advocate who practices solely in serious matters at the Crown Court and Court of Appeal. He has a reputation for his ability to argue passionately, fearlessly and effectively on behalf of those he represents. He acts for the defence in the full range of all serious criminal cases. George also represents the Health and Safety Executive at Coroner’s Inquests and in conducting prosecutions before the Magistrates’ Court.

He has a methodical and scientific approach to preparing cases leaving no stone unturned. He is not afraid to confront the most difficult and seemingly impressive witnesses and cross-examines with experience and skill.

George has particular experience in dealing with high-profile criminal cases involving high levels of media attention. He has a track record of dealing with defending cases across the spectrum of crime including sexual offences, violence and organised complex and financial crime.

His trial experience includes the use of forensic scientific evidence for the defence and using his understanding to undermine that evidence when presented by the prosecution. This includes the analysis of fingerprint evidence, DNA evidence, mobile telephone cell site evidence and the enhancement and management of considerable volumes of CCTV evidence. He is also used to dealing with the assessment of expert medical evidence, including in cases involving post-mortem pathology and the complicated issues surrounding mental health and its impact on criminal responsibility.

George has experience in dealing with the largest, most complex and high profile of cases. He has acted for the defence in the largest joint enterprise murder trial in British legal history, the largest flying squad robbery investigation into the robbery of jewellers. In the summer of 2009 he represented one of the men charged with the Graff jewellery robbery where £40 million of diamonds were taken during a daylight armed raid at the Bond Street store.

Although he has experience in dealing with large and complex cases he never loses sight of the pain felt by those who have been wrongly accused of serious criminal allegations. He regularly deals with cases of serious sexual offences where the allegation is made by only one witness for the prosecution and where his ability to get to the truth through cross-examination is central to the success of his case.

Listed below is a selection of the most serious cases George has undertaken in the previous few years. He is rarely out of court and tackles all his cases with the same drive and enthusiasm as the most high-profile and serious.

• R v AL and others: Violent Disorder. Two trials at the Central Criminal Court each lasting over 5 weeks. The trial concerned an allegation or murder said to be perpetrated by the first defendant and the violent disorder that took place at the time. High profile trial revolved around the killing of a young man at the Stratford Westfield Shopping Centre the week before the Olympic Games were due to commence. Leading counsel (leading Sonal Sodha and Alison Pryor)
• R v SP: Making indecent images of children. Trial at the Central Criminal Court relating to an international investigation into Azov Films, a Canadian company which sold illegal material using the internet. The case involved extensive challenge of technical evidence and Canadian law enforcement officials who gave evidence by videolink. The Defendant staid after the trial:
“George – your defence and closing statement was a tour de force that made this whole surreal nightmare almost worth going through just to watch. There was no better defence I could have wished for and I thank God I had you on my side.”
• R v US and others: Murder. Trial at the Central Criminal Court relating to an incident where a man was killed in the course of a burglary committed by youths. Led by Queen’s Counsel (Icah Peart QC)
• R v RB and others: Murder. Trial at the Central Criminal Court following an alleged gang knife attack in the course of a robbery. Led by Queen’s Counsel (Alexander Cameron QC)
• R v AA and others: Supply of firearms. Trial at the Central Criminal Court following the alleged transfer of a firearm and ammunition. Led by Queen’s Counsel (Ian Liest QC)
• R v CD: Sexual assault, kidnap, false imprisonment. Trial at Inner London Crown Court. A young vulnerable defendant alleged to have acted with another young person in a care home to attack a third resident. Acted alone at trial for the first defendant.
• R v D: Murder. Central Criminal Court led by Queen’s Counsel (John Jones QC). After careful negotiation the prosecution accepted a plea to manslaughter.
• R v CO and others: Murder. Trial at the Central Criminal Court led by Queen’s Counsel (Trevor Burke QC). The Defendant was charged as part of the largest joint enterprise murder case in British history with 20 defendants. The Defendant was under the age of 18 at the time and the case involved the dramatic chase and attack of a schoolboy in a public place in London with a high level of media interest
• R v JM and others: Money Laundering. Trial acting alone at Maidstone Crown Court. The Defendant stood trial for laundering a significant amount of money said to have been the proceeds of his son’s drug dealing on a professional scale.
• R v CW: Murder. At the Central Criminal Court led by Queen’s Counsel (Kim Hollis QC). The Defendant was charged with the high profile knife murder of a near stranger at a party in north London. Successful assessment of the Defendant’s mental health state and negotiation resulted in a plea to manslaughter on the ground of diminished responsibility being accepted by the prosecution
• R v MA: Rape. Trial as sole advocate at Wood Green Crown Court. The Defendant was charged with a campaign of rape against his wife within the context of the marital relationship over a period of many years. There were also charges of false imprisonment and assault. During the trial there was complex and involved cross-examination of the complainant proving her account to be untrue with defence evidence in relation to the assessment of mobile phone data and the retrieval of family court documents.
• R v YZ and others: People trafficking, kidnap and blackmail. At the Central Criminal Court led by junior counsel (Jonathan Woodcock). Defendant was charged with being part of a criminal gang who kidnapped people and extorted money from their relatives in China for their release. The prosecution dropped the case at the start of the trial against our defendant because of our analysis of the prosecution expert telephone evidence proving that the defendant was not guilty
• R v SB: Sexual Assault. Trial as sole advocate at Woolwich Crown Court. Defendant was charged with sexual assault in the context of a relationship
• R v TT and others: Armed Robbery. Trial at Woolwich Crown Court as sole advocate. The Defendant stood trial as part of the largest jewel robbery in British history where over £40 million of diamonds were taken in a daring armed daylight raid on Graffs Jewellers of Bond Street
• R v AB and others: Conspiracy to rob. At Kingston Crown Court as sole advocate. The Defendant was charged with serious involvement in the largest flying squad operation against smash and grab robberies of jewellery shops across the UK. Over 30 defendants in total were charged with over 30 offences of robbery.
• R v EO: Rape. Trial at Central Criminal Court as sole advocate. Defendant charged with the rape of a stranger in a public place late at night. Complex expert medical, DNA and CCTV evidence was in issue
• R v RB and others: Attempted Murder. Trial at the Central Criminal Court as sole advocate. Defendant stood trial with others for a public attack with a weapon in north London
• R v H and others: Honour attack. Trial at Southwark Crown Court as sole advocate. Defendant was charged with orchestrating the kidnapping, assault and blackmail as a result of a supposed ‘honour’ dispute
• R v MC and others: Rape. 2 separate trials at Inner London Crown Court as a sole advocate. Defendant under the age of 18 stood trial for two different allegations of rape. In one trial he was accused with another. There were a total of three complainants.
• R v MC 2009: Attempted Murder. Trial at Portsmouth Crown Court led by Queen’s Counsel (Paul Keleher QC). The Defendant was charged with attempting to murder someone he was in a relationship with.
• R v QK: Forced Marriage. Case brought before Snaresbrook Crown Court.