Lorna Wincote

Manchester Mosley Street

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01612334321 (ext.1113)

07534 501 462




Lorna is a Criminal Defence Solicitor in Manchester.

A Senior Solicitor based at our Manchester Office, Lorna represents clients before Magistrates Courts in and around Greater Manchester.  With a vast and extensive knowledge of the range of Public Order Offences, including Affray, Section 4 (Public order), Section 5 (Public order), Lorna has also successfully defended Football Banning Orders arising from such proceedings, ensuring the right’s of her client’s are properly defended.

In addition Lorna has an enviable reputation for successfully representing clients in the full range of Magistrates Court Work including Assaults, Drug Related Offences, Thefts and Handling but to name a few.

As a passionate criminal defence solicitor and highly experienced trial advocate, Lorna is regularly seen in the magistrates.  Leaving  no stone unturned in preparation for trial, her rigorous and proactive approach is applied irrespective of the seriousness of the allegation, her clients are always confident that they start the proceedings in the best possible position.

In addition Lorna still regularly attends at Police stations to represent the interests of her clients dealing with the full range of allegations from the more serious offences such as Murder through to less serous offences such as Disqualified Driving.

Because of her commitment at all levels, Lorna  is able to offer her clients continuity so that having dealt with them at the police station she is able to stay with them throughout the Magistrates Court proceedings to the outcome