Michelle Seager

Manchester Mosley Street

Contact tel
01612334321 (ext.1043)

07984 555 151


Nearing her second decade of practice, Michelle is more than versed in criminal defence. Michelle has been loyal to the firm for many years.

It is right to say that during her career, Michelle has gained the knowledge, ability and experience that others can only aspire to.

Such is her ability that Michelle was appointed manager of our “24 hour service”, many years ago, supervising more than 100 lawyers nationwide at any given moment, ensuring that clients receive not only the prompt service they expect but also unrivalled advice.

Despite her management skills, Michelle strives to ensure that she remains the font of all “police station law” enabling her to accurately advise client’s and support staff alike. Notwithstanding her various qualities, it is not beneath Michelle to “roll her sleeves up” and successfully represent client’s arrested for all manner of offences from corporate fraud, murder, complex fraud, rape, s.47 assault, harassment, criminal damage but to name a few.

Michelle is also a well respected member of the firm’s management, marketing and social panels.