Nick Inge

London Camberwell

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020 7703 2324 (ext.6512)

07889 740 583


Nick is a Partner at Tuckers Solicitors working as a solicitor defending the full array of criminal cases in the Magistrates Court and Crown Court for more that 30 years.  Fluent in French, his breadth of cases includes, terrorism, organised crime, corruption, health and safety, football hooliganism, class A-C (importation, distribution and supply), serious sexual offences, confiscation and murder.

Nick heads Tuckers Solicitors Crown Court team in Camberwell, South London. He is a Duty Solicitor and qualified Accredited Police Station Advisor. He is a VHCC panel member and Fraud Supervisor.


  • R v K: Our client was a key defendant with 12 others, charged with the murder of a stranger in East London, linked to events via complex telephonic evidence.  Client was of good character and in his defence a decision was taken to deploy no fewer than 12 character witnesses.  He was acquitted after a trial lasting 3 months.
  • R v A: A carefully plotted conspiracy to murder an entire family of gangsters in London by explosion. Defendant acquitted of all serious charges after 2 month trial
  • R v B: £250 M cannabis importation conspiracy. Client eventually pleaded guilty to actions limited to logistical involvement after a lengthy process of negotiation with the prosecution to receive a short custodial sentence.
  • R v C: Two brothers charged with murder of the lover of a close relative whilst that relative’s partner was in prison abroad. Both acquitted in the face of forensic and telecommunication evidence after a 6 week trial.
  • R v D: Attempted murder (firearm), Aggravated burglary and GBH. Defendant acquitted after a two week trial, after establishing that 3 leading prosecution witnesses were concerned in the sale of Class A drugs.
  • R v E: Manager of a branch of a large National DIY and Tool Hire chain acquitted (with good character in tact) of thefts after a two week trial.
  • R v F: £7M global regulatory conspiracy involving the marketing and sale of illicit medical products in the EU