Robin Murray

Robin was the Senior Partner of Robin Murray & Co, having founded the firm on the 1st June 1988, before the merger with Tuckers in 2013. He is an experienced trial lawyer and police station advisor. Robin has represented the profession on many committees.

Robin is always conscious to ensure the voice of the public is heard and the interests of justice served. Robin is currently the Vice Chairman of the Criminal Law Solicitors association’s national committee. Robin has often been interviewed on television news and radio and is the author of many articles in legal and general publications. He is a tireless fighter for legal aid and access to Justice. Robin attributes the firms acknowledged success to the ability to pick outstanding colleagues to be part of the Robin Murray & Co team. It is the strength in depth and team work ethic that Robin is most proud of.

When asked what made him specialise in defence criminal legal work, Robin will reply ‘As I see it, on the one hand we have the resources of the Crown, The Attorney General’s Office, The Director of Public Prosecutions office, the Crown Prosecution service, the whole of the police force; and on the other side often one lonely Defendant facing the crushing weight of this State prosecuting machine.  Being a defence lawyer enables those odds to be evened and a little balance restored to the Justice process. In fact I feel sorry for the other team having to face us’!