Alexa Collier not guilty of causing GBH to ex-girlfriend

June 22, 2017

Jill Eastwood and Iain Johnstone, Solicitor Advocate, successful secured the acquittal of Alexa Collier, a teacher, who was alleged to have broken the jaw of her ex-girlfriend in a scuffle that ensued when her former partner, Nicola Lees, attended at the Collier family home with the intention of revealing Ms Collier’s sexuality to her parents.

In a high profile case, which received extensive national media coverage, Ms Collier was acquitted of causing grievous bodily harm.  The jury accepted the account of Ms Collier that it was Ms Lees who had been the aggressor and that she had been acting in self-defence.

In a statement, Ms Collier said “I am glad that justice has now been done and the jury were able to see this matter for what it was. I thank them for bringing the not guilty verdict that they did. After two years of suffering, during which I lost my job due to the false allegations, both myself and my family suffered great mental anguish. We can now put this behind us and I can get my life back on track. I just want to thank my family and friends for their continued support. Finally, I want to thank Jill Eastwood and Iain Johnstone from Tuckers Solicitors for all their hard work, helping me get through this experience and getting me the verdict I deserve.”


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