BBC article defends role of defence lawyers following death threats

January 28, 2019

Richard Egan, Senior Partner at Tuckers Solicitors, has received numerous threats following the coverage of the Jack Shepherd case. BBC Legal Correspondent, Clive Coleman, has now responded in a piece on the BBC website, which amongst other things quotes former Lord Chief Justice, Lord Thomas mounting a robust defence of the role of criminal defence lawyers in upholding the rule of law.

We hope that this is the start of some more balanced reporting of the issues in this case. There is scope for informed debate about the availability of legal aid for those that have fled the jurisdiction. However, this can only sensibly happen in the context of a discussion of the important role of defence solicitors in the administration of criminal justice. This includes the benefit to the prosecution of ensuring that defendants are properly represented, to remove any unnecessary perceptions of unfairness which likely increase the prospect of successful appeals against conviction.

Tuckers full statement in response to the initial media coverage of the matter holds true and can be read here

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