Do you know your rights?

May 1, 2019

Do you know your rights if you are arrested or asked to attend at the police station for a voluntary interview?

There is a lot of concern in the criminal defence community surrounding the lack of knowledge, especially of young people, about what their rights are if they find themselves accused of a crime.

Many don’t know that you can have a lawyer during your interview for free or why you should always speak to a solicitor before answering any questions from the police. This includes when being asked to attend a voluntary interview.

Many are also unsure that you can get a duty solicitor or find legal assistance from websites such as

Many also don’t know what their rights are when it comes to the police telling them they must be interviewed without a solicitor present and people must know this is never the case.

Dr Vicky Kemp interviewed young people to discuss their experience of dealing with the police while being held as a suspect. She filmed the words of those interviewed to create 4 short video clips about what your rights are