Voluntary Interviews – Gemma Blythe at the Justice Gap

Gemma Adams December 8, 2017

Gemma Blythe – Caseworker at Tuckers Margate, has published an article for the Justice Gap which can be found here. Gemma explained that the government have recently consulted on the PACE Codes of Practice in relation to voluntary interviews. The proposal is that PACE would provide additional safeguards to ensure suspects questioned by the police by way of voluntary interviews are better informed of their rights, such as the right to free and independent legal advice. Whilst the choice is that of the suspect whether they wish to exercise their rights, it is of upmost importance that they are properly advised of those rights so they may make an informed choice.

Voluntary interviews can seem informal and less serious than an interview at the police station following an arrest, particularly as the venue can be somewhere the suspect feels relaxed and comfortable, such as their home address. Without legal representation, suspects can be unaware of their options in interview, any evidence the police have already obtained, and potential outcomes. It is advised that anyone who has been asked by the police to meet for a chat should always exercise their right to free and independent legal advice.

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