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October 11, 2018

As solicitors we are here to help explain, advise and represent you in any legal matter or query you may have.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority

It is the SRA who regulate solicitors and law firms in England and Wales.

The SRA set out principles that must be followed to ensure you are receiving the best quality service. Most notably for us:

  • To act with integrity
  • To act in the best interest of each client
  • Provide a high quality standard of service to every client
  • comply with our legal obligations and deal with any regulation or complaints in an efficient and effective manner.
  • Run the business as efficiently as possible but always in accordance with proper governance
  • run the business in a way that encourages equality and diversity
  • protect client money and assets.

The SRA can issue warnings or even close down firms if the principles are being breached.The SRA also publishes a Code of Conduct which sets out what professional standards are expected from individuals and firms. There are also rules issued which must be kept to including rules to protect the money that we hold and to uphold client protection. They set qualification standards for solicitors, while monitoring the performance of training organisations and assessing character and suitability of individuals they regulate and allow on the roll (list) of solicitors. The SRA can enforce action where there is a failure to co-operate or a significant risk to their potential clients. .


As the SRA don’t deal with complaints directly any complaint has to be made directly to a firm first and then it can be referred to a legal service which investigates complaints. This ensures the highest quality advice and representation can be delivered by us – don’t trust your case to anyone else.

How can Tuckers Solicitors can help you…

To discuss anything to do with SRA and how solicitors are regulated please contact us on 020 7388 8333 or email and we will gladly assist.

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