Faouzia El-Soudani

Kent - Medway

Contact tel
0300 303 3883

Senior Caseworker

Faouzia joined Tuckers Solicitors in September 2021. She is currently assisting with Crown Court casework under the supervision of Nicola Hall. Faouzia intends to begin her legal career at Tuckers Solicitors as she is determined to ensure the best results of her clients.

Prior joining to the firm, Faouzia was an active member at the Kent Law Clinic. She also completed a prestigious legal internship at Guernica 37 International Justice where she assisted chambers on international criminal law matters, prison law and Parole Board appeals. Faouzia also volunteered as a Pro-Bono caseworker in a notable charity Intervene Project. Faouzia assisted prisoners in matters concerning medical negligence, property disputes and mistreatment from prisoner officers.
Faouzia is passionate and highly motivated to ensure that clients receive a fair trial and criminal defense.