Fiona Dunkley

London Brixton

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020 7388 8333 (ext.6688)

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Fiona has been a criminal defence Lawyer since 1993 and is listed as a leading individual in the Legal 500 Directory.

She has a well-earned reputation for her extensive expertise and experience in the field of serious fraud and white collar crime; regularly acting in cases involving allegations of money laundering, mortgage fraud, bank fraud, identity theft and misconduct in public office.

She is passionate about justice, and reputed for both her fantastic client care and her attention to detail. She represents clients in the Magistrates Court, Youth Court and Crown Court on a wide variety of matters, including fraud, robbery, theft, grievous bodily harm, drugs crime, violent crimes, drug trafficking, murder, homicide, kidnapping, offences against the person, firearm offences and offensive weapons.


  • R v R: Misconduct in public office and money laundering. Commended by judge for representing defendant with “skill and good humor”
  • R v C: Murder following a brawl in a nightclub. Cut-throat between 2 defendants. Acquitted of murder.
  • R v A: Large scale benefit fraud-33 count indictment-acquitted of all but 2 counts which defendant admitted from the outset after Crown conceded legal argument following receipt of Fiona’s skeleton
  • R v M: Large scale, multi-handed laundering of drug proceeds
  • R v B: Possession of false identity document with intent, where defendant illiterate-acquittal
  • R v F: Reported as R v Ford Crim L.R.475, CA and quoted in Archbold 2012 para 11-3b p1393
    Successful appeal to Court of Appeal against conviction on counts of Possession of firearm with intent to endanger life and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Crown been allowed to rely upon a note of a number plate of a car which boys are seen getting into around the corner from a shooting. The witness providing this information was never identified. Fiona Dunkley argued before the full court that such evidence was anonymous hearsay and as such inadmissible. The Curt of Appeal agreed.
  • R v N: Murder. Defendant stabbed friend in a drunken fight. Crown accepted a plea to manslaughter on grounds of diminished responsibility on first day of trial
  • R v R: Possession with intent to supply Class A + B drugs. Only 1 of 4 defendant to be acquitted on all counts having been found in a room containing large quantities of drugs
  • R v M Cross-examined a high court judge when representing defendant accused of throwing acid in the face of lawyers opposing his civil claim.