Francesca Faulkner

Manchester Mosley Street

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Francesca is a dedicated paralegal based at our Manchester office. Francesca began her legal journey at the University of Liverpool, where she earned an undergraduate degree in criminology and explored the intricacies of the legal system and its impact on society.

Francesca is currently working towards her Police Station Accreditation, gaining practical experience and understanding of criminal proceedings, right from the point of arrest. Once she has achieved this she will be a qualified police station representative, who will represent clients for a variety of offences, providing the preliminary advice and support our client’s need.

Francesca provides valuable support to our solicitors in the Magistrates Department, aiding in the preparation of cases for trial and/or sentencing. She conducts meetings with clients to gather their instructions, ensuring they always have a point of contact. In addition, she regularly attends the Magistrates Court to offer further assistance to our Solicitors. Recently, Francesca has expanded her role to include working in the Crown Court department, where she is broadening her understanding of more serious and complex cases.

To advance her career, Francesca is hoping to start the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) in September. Once she has achieved this, she will be a qualified solicitor and she can apply all the skills and knowledge she has developed to advocating in open court on behalf of our client’s.

Francesca is commended for her warm approach when interacting with client’s and providing continual support throughout their proceedings.