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Defence Extradition Lawyers’ Forum

Neil qualified as a Solicitor in 2003, and has worked in criminal defence since 2001. He is an experienced Duty Solicitor and fully accredited Police Station Representative.


During his career he has acted in cases covering most criminal offences, from simple criminal damage and road traffic offences to fraud, money laundering and murder.


Neil is also a specialist extradition law solicitor, with extensive experience of resisting extradition requests both at first instance in the magistrates’ court and in appeal proceedings in the Administrative Court of the High Court.


He prides himself on his thorough preparation and attention to detail.


Notable extradition Cases:


Lithuania v ZZ discharged as Lithuania did not have the legal procedure to disaggregate sentences of imprisonment.


D v India – D discharged at first instance, and India’s appeal to the High Court dismissed on the basis that the imposition of a whole life order of imprisonment without the possibility of review or release was an inhuman or degrading sentence.


France v D Z – Z discharged in the Administrative Court of the High Court.