Nicola Bentley

Manchester Mosley Street

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Nicola is a dedicated and passionate Paralegal based at our Manchester Office. With a degree in Criminology and Law, she has always had a deep interest in criminal law and has been keen to pursue a career in this field.

Nicola has been with us for 4 years. Prior to joining Tuckers, she had been a manager in various roles for 15 years. Her background in management and her university qualifications led her to seek employment with Tuckers. Initially, she joined our management team, where her experience was most relevant. During her management phase at Tuckers, she managed a team of approximately 25 staff, including training, mentoring, and growing the department while keeping it efficient.

Nicola’s management role was not just about overseeing operations; it was about bridging the gap between the administrative departments and our fee earners. Her leadership style fostered a positive work environment, promoting open communication and encouraging professional growth among her team members.

Nicola has now transitioned to a more focused role to further her career. As a Paralegal, she assists solicitors with case preparation, takes instructions from clients, and attends the Magistrates and Crown Courts to support our solicitors and barristers. To further advance her career, Nicola is currently undergoing the Police Station Accreditation. She has successfully completed her Police Station written examination and is on track to become an Accredited Police Station Representative in the coming months. This will enable her to represent clients who have been arrested on suspicion of a wide variety of offences, providing them with vital advice at the Police Station.

In addition to her work, Nicola is also part way through studying her CILEx qualifications to qualify as a lawyer. This commitment to continuous learning and professional development is a testament to her dedication to her career and her passion for criminal law.

Nicola’s blend of management experience, legal knowledge, and commitment to her role make her an invaluable asset to our team.