Roz Weekes

Manchester Mosley Street

Contact tel
01612334321 (ext.1087)

07715 005 955


Senior Caseworker


Based at our Manchester office, Roz adopts a friendly, personal, sensitive approach with clients yet takes a robust and professional approach to the Criminal Defence Work she undertakes.

Roz has extensive knowledge and experience in representing client’s who face allegations such as Serious Assaults’, Rape, Violent Disorders, Drug importation, conspiracy to supply drugs, possession of drugs with intent to supply, gangland murders but to name a few.

As well established criminal defence lawyer with over 20 years experience, Roz’ specialist knowledge of all matters ranging from Rape to Theft but including all manner of offences such as importation of Class A Drugs, supply of class A drugs, and Gangland Murders allows her to pro-actively represent the interests of his clients.

Roz will often undertake cell site analysis, mobile telephone evidence analysis and forensic analysis, computer analysis, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition).This professional, pro-active approach means that Roz will leave no stone unturned in representing the client’s best interests.

Notwithstanding Roz’ niche area of practice, Roz successfully represents people facing various allegations such as Theft, Robbery, Dangerous Driving, Fraud, S.18 Wounding, Affray, S.47 Assault and many more besides.

Roz participates in our Police Station Rota, which enables the firm to offer genuine 24 hour advice and assistance at the police station.