Sadique Al-Hakeem

Sadique is a criminal defence solicitor in London Warren Street.

Sadique has built up a formidable reputation in the West London and Berkshire areas for dealing with serious and heavyweight crime.  Sadique regularly deals with trident, flying squad and sapphire police officers in high profile cases, not being fazed by the situation and ensuring first and foremost that the rights of the client are being respected by the police.

Sadique holds a 2:1 law degree from Bristol UWE and had the unique privilege of being taught and mentored throughout his legal career by the renowned author and practitioner of the police station manual “Defending Suspects at the Police Station”.

Sadique is not afraid of hard work ensuring that clients’ cases are prepared meticulously to a high standard and being non-judgmental in his approach.

Sadique will fight any case without fear and take the approach of leaving “no stone unturned” to achieve the best outcome for his clients.

Sadique regularly appears at Ealing, Hendon, Willesden, Westminster and Uxbridge Magistrates Courts’, but can cover cases throughout London and Nationwide.  Additionally Sadique handles serious cases in the Crown Courts’ and the Old Bailey and is able to instruct experienced Counsel from the UK’s leading Chambers.

Additionally being an accredited police station advisor means that Sadique can attend any police station interview nationwide and other PACE voluntary interviews for benefit fraud and regulatory offences.

Outside of work, Sadique is a long-standing supporter of Liverpool FC and engages in local mentoring projects with schools and youth work.