Victoria Thompson


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Associate Solicitor

Victoria is a seasoned supervising Solicitor renowned for her unwavering commitment to criminal law. With her extensive experience and passion for justice, she consistently excels in representing clients in a range of legal matters.

Victoria serves as a Duty Solicitor, providing dedicated representation to her clients from the initial investigative stage at the police station through to the trial’s conclusion. Her trial advocacy skills are well-regarded, particularly in Magistrates Court cases.

Her journey into the legal profession began with a volunteer position at Newcastle Crown Court, where she discovered her deep-seated passion for criminal law. She later honed her skills at a prominent criminal chambers, gaining valuable experience in complex fraud cases. This experience led her to secure a training contract with a leading London criminal firm.

Victoria’s dedication became even more evident during the London Riots, where she worked tirelessly for 36 hours at Highbury Magistrates Court to ensure that all those appearing in the overnight courts had proper legal representation. Notably, she represented the youngest rioter during this tumultuous period. This experience further propelled her to specialise in cases involving vulnerable defendants and young people, a focus she continues to uphold.

Since joining Tuckers, Victoria has maintained a diverse practice, assisting clients at every stage of proceedings and playing a key role in mentoring the next generation of aspiring lawyers. Victoria’s commitment to justice is underscored by her attainment of higher rights, allowing her to practice in the Crown Court.

Whilst originally joining our Manchester branch, Victoria is now pivotal in establishing our new Leeds Office and continues to represent in cases across our Tucker North branches.

Victoria is a proud member of the Manchester Law Society Council, where she contributes to the advancement and promotion of the legal profession in Manchester and beyond. She is also an active member of various legal associations and networks, such as Criminal Legal Aid Solicitors and Women in Criminal Law.

Outside of her legal pursuits, Victoria is an avid runner who recognises the positive impact of physical activity on mental well-being. She generously volunteers with parkrun UK, both at her local event and as an Event Support Ambassador assisting events in the Greater Manchester area.