Tuckers & The Care Leaver Covenant

Tuckers & The Care Leaver Covenant

In order to support care leavers we will offer the following:

  • Police station initial advice – advice by telephone within 15 minutes of being advised that a care leaver has been detained (subject to police enabling access to the person in custody)
  • Police station advice – attendance upon the care leaver who has been detained for interview under caution in relation to an alleged criminal offence.  The Solicitor will attend, obtain disclosure from the officer, attend the person in custody in order to take their instructions and advise in relation to the process, their options, strategies for interview and likely outcome.  Assistance with contact to the care leaver’s nominated contact or carer with a view to updating the care worker and seeking their assistance with the provision of accommodation for the purposes of seeking release on bail in appropriate cases;
  • Magistrates’ Court – completing the application for public funding and guiding the care leaver through the process of application and supporting documentation required.  Where funding is secured representing the care leaver throughout the proceedings including provision of advice upon appeal;
  • Where public funding is not available provision of representation to care leavers seeking to instruct the firm at their own cost.  Where no funding is available signposting the care leaver to other potential sources of representation.  In some instances this will involve seeking instruction of the court to cross examine key witnesses at the cost of the court;
  • Crown Court – where funding is available representing the care leaver at all hearings and securing the services of an appropriately qualified Solicitor Advocate or Barrister as appropriate to the case.  Supporting and advising the care leaver throughout the proceedings including provision of advice upon appeal;
  • Advice and representation in relation to applications to vary bail, vary or discharge Restraining Orders, Anti-Social Behaviour Injunctions, Gang Injunctions, Sexual Offence Prevention Orders and Serious Crime Prevention Orders;
  • Prisoner rights – where funding is available representing the care leaver in relation to adjudication and parole applications.  Advising in relation to a range of prisoner rights issues including sentence planning, treatment issues and applications;
  • Initial advice in relation to arranging surrender to warrants issued by the court and with regard to surrender arising from recall on licence;
  • Provision of seminar/workshops to care leavers and care leaver support (via liaison with Spectra First).

Tuckers Solicitors LLP has offices in the following locations:

London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bury, Stoke on Trent, Taunton, Brighton, Hastings, Medway, Margate

Care leavers should make contact with the office closest to their residence using the central telephone number 0845 200 3367 or contact page on the internet site www.tuckerssolicitors.com.

If you wish to take up our offer of assistance or refer someone who requires our services please contact the following points of contact at our offices:

Manchester – Franklin Sinclair – sinclairf@tuckerssolicitors.com

Bury – Paul Callaghan – callaghanc@tuckerssolicitors.com

Birmingham – James Turner – turnerj@tuckerssolicitors.com

London – Adam Makepeace – makepeacea@tuckerssolicitors.com

Kent – Richard Atkinson – atkinsonr@tuckerssolicitors.com

Sussex – Kirsty Craghill – craghillk@tuckerssolicitors.com

Stoke on Trent – Debbie Leadbeater – leadbeaterd@tuckerssolicitors.com

Taunton – Paul Light – lightp@tuckerssolicitors.com

Tuckers & The Care Leaver Covenant