Farva Butt

London Warren Street

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07956 158 659


Solicitor Advocate


Urdu, Punjabi

Farva Butt is the supervisor for Police Actions in the Civil Liberties Department. She is also a solicitor advocate practising Criminal Defence.

Farva has been instrumental in the representation of people pursuing complaints against police forces following abuses of power and challenging outcomes of decisions through appeals to the Independent Office for Police Conduct. She is keen to ensure disciplinary proceedings against officers are found where appropriate and in a fair and just manner. Farva represents individuals bringing compensation claims against the police, prisons and other state bodies for assault, false imprisonment, trespass, malicious prosecution, misfeasance and breaches of the Human Rights Act, Data Protection Act and Equality Act.  Farva also represents families in Inquests usually involving police pursuit deaths and deaths in custody and with claims to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority where substantial harm has been suffered.

Farva is also a duty solicitor and has Higher Rights of Audience in the Crown Court. Farva represents individuals at the police station and the Magistrates Court and comprehends the significance of providing the appropriate advice from the outset of the matter and ensuring the best result is achieved for her clients. She has worked on a number of serious crime cases including murder, grievous bodily harm and sexual offences.

Farva is a member of Police Actions Lawyers Group, Inquest Lawyers Group and Young Legal Aid Lawyers.

Farva has worked on a number of cases including:

Examples of Civil claims:

Sinclair-Kerr v Metropolitan Police Service: involved a 14 year old youth who was unlawfully arrested, assaulted and detained in police custody and thereafter, maliciously prosecuted. The case settled and damages for assault, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution and breaches of Human Rights Act secured.

Martin v Chief Constable of Essex Police: a vulnerable man, who suffered from serious ill-health, was unlawfully arrested and detained in police custody. Whilst in custody the police failed to make adequate provision for his disability. Settled claim for false imprisonment and negligence. Damages awarded.

Smith v Metropolitan Police Service: damages were agreed between parties following the court granting default judgement in favour of the claimant, following the client’s unlawful arrest and detention.

RR & JN v Kent Police: Farva successfully represented two vulnerable individuals in their claims against Kent police for misuse of private information and breaches of the Data Protection Act and Human Rights Act. RR and JN had assisted the police in their investigations of a serious crime. The police subsequently breached their data by disclosing their personal information to a witness in the case.

Rollins v Crown Prosecution Service: Liability admitted and damages secured for negligence following a lengthy unlawful detention period.

John Wright [Deceased]: Farva represented the family of Mr Wright, who died in custody and successfully settled the claim securing damages under the Human Rights Act.

Examples of Inquests:

John McKeown [deceased] – Farva represented the family of Mr McKeown, who died following a high speed police pursuit.

Suleyman Yalcin [deceased] – Farva represented the family of Mr Yalcin, who was struck by a police van whilst he made his way to his parents’ home.

Neil Black [deceased] – Farva represented the family of Mr Neil Black, who died in custody, at the Inquest proceedings and the subsequent civil claim. Settlement was reached and damages secured.

CICA & Other compensation claims:

AG – death of a child. Compensation received from CICA for both fatal and psychiatric injury.

PA v Lambeth Council – Substantial compensation secured in non-civil proceedings for historic sexual abuse.