INQUEST – Review into Sarah Burke’s death

January 26, 2018

Karen Rogers, head of Tuckers Inquest team, will represent the family of Sarah Burke, along with Tim Stoate of Garden Court Chambers, when the hearing into her death opens on Monday.

Supported by national charity INQUEST the hearing will explore the care issues in prisons at Drake Hall and Peterborough after Sarah Burke died 8 days after entering prison, despite having alerted the authorities to her suicidal thoughts.

Deborah Coles, Director of INQUEST said: “This inquest must answer important questions around how the mechanisms intended to keep vulnerable prisoners safe, once again fell by the wayside. Every inquest on a death in a women’s prison is important for us as a society to understand the life and death consequences of sending women like Sarah to prison rather than investing in diversion and community services.”

Departments involved: