Knife Crime – New Stop and Search System

January 18, 2018

Knife crime within the UK is becoming more common. Sadiq Khan has recently proposed a new call to action, where stop-and-searches would again become more common in London to help tackle these crimes. More police body-worn cameras used during such searches are supposed to help put the public at ease, that such searches are being carried out for legitimate reasons. For more information about body-worn cameras, click here.

The use of Stop and searches have declined in recent years, including having decreased by 21% in the past year alone.  Is this one of the reasons that knife crime has increased?  Chief Constable of the Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick, has said that the use of stop and searches are “hugely powerful” in trying to reduce knife crime.  This comes against a backdrop of four separate incidents on New Year’s Eve, where 4 men were stabbed to death across the streets of London. There is no actual evidence that the use of stop and searches would result in a reduction in knife crime.  However, where they are used in crime ‘hotspot’ locations, they do appear to have a deterrent effect.

Operation Sceptre was launched by the Metropolitan Police in 2015 to help reduce knife crime in and around London. There are many knife amnesties located around London, where people have the chance to safely dispose of any knives they may have. Operation Sceptre also has many teams operating around London in search for knifes which have been hidden or thrown into certain areas on the streets.

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