Tuckers, you & Coronavirus

March 26, 2020

This message is to our clients – and hopefully answers some of the questions that you might have with regards how we are operating for the duration of this Coronavirus pandemic. The situation is changing rapidly, so we will try and keep this updated as the situation evolves!

Tuckers Solicitors remain dedicated to acting in the best interests of our clients – but obviously, we also need to ensure the health and well-being of our staff is protected as well. With this in mind…please see below. If you have another other questions at this time, you can always get in touch with us through the contact form on this website, or at tuckers@tuckerssolicitors.com

If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

Are Tuckers Solicitors open for business?

Tuckers Solicitors is open for business 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We will be continuing to represent clients at court and police stations. Due to the distancing measures advised by government, our staff are now home based, but using appropriate technology, we hope that we will still be able to stay in touch with you as required.

Is the office currently open?

Our offices are not open for client visits at present. This is both for your protection and the protection of our staff.

But can I still make an appointment?

Yes, appointments can be made for both new and existing clients. We will be able to speak to you in the first instance and then work out the best way that we can “meet” with you – whether by Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp Video or whatever.

How do I contact the person dealing with my case?

If you know the name of the individual lawyer dealing with your case, they can be contacted directly via email. They will have an email address listed on this website and many have direct mobile numbers that can be used as well. Otherwise, please contact our switchboard on 0845 200 3367 to enable them to connect you to your lawyer.

Do I need to attend Court during the Coronavirus pandemic?

The situation is moving very, very fast and by far the best advice is for you to contact us prior to any scheduled hearing so that we can advise you specifically with regards your particular court hearing.

Should I attend the police station to answer my police bail?

It is an offence to fail to attend without reasonable excuse. If you have an excuse, for example, if you are ill or self-isolating, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can contact the police and try and resolve this position for you.

Can I visit a family member or friend in prison?

At the date of this post, all visits to UK prisons have been suspended by the Ministry of Justice. We will try and update this page if there is any change to this position, but we suspect that the lock down of prisons is likely to last at least a few weeks from now. For further information on how you can make contact with somebody in prison see theĀ government website on Prisons & Probation here.

This cancellation also applies to face to face legal visits, and the number of legal visits by video link is severely restricted and, in the case of some prisons, cancelled all together. We will be trying our best to get through to our clients in prison.