Kidnapping and False Imprisonment

Kidnapping and False Imprisonment

Tuckers Solicitors have expert and extensive knowledge of defending the criminal allegations of kidnapping and false imprisonment.


Kidnapping is the unlawful and forcible detention of another person against their will.  Due to the crime’s infraction on the victim’s liberty, it is considered to be a very serious crime.

The crime of kidnapping contains various elements which are:

  • the taking or carrying away of one person by another
  • by force or fraud
  • without the consent of the person so taken or carried away
  • without lawful excuse

The crime of kidnapping is an “indictable only” offence which can only be heard in the Crown Court.  Expert evidence is vital to the outcome of a kidnapping case. Evidence can range from CCTV footage, to DNA samples, to instruments used in the practicalities of the crime, such as the type of rope used to constrain the victim.

Tuckers Solicitors have access to experts who are able to analyse each part of the evidence, with a view to ensuring that you are given access to the fairest possible

False Imprisonment

False imprisonment involves unlawful detention only and not carrying away.

Sentences are severe for these types of offences and will consider many factors including whether violence or a weapon was used, how much planning was involved, the vulnerability and impact on the alleged victim, whether money was demanded and how many defendants were involved.

Due to the importance of evidence in kidnapping and false imprisonment cases, is it crucial that the defendant seeks the most diligent and competent lawyers possible. Tuckers Solicitors should be any defendant’s first choice for representation.

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Kidnapping and False Imprisonment