Violent Offender Orders (VOO)

Violent Offender Orders (VOO)

Tuckers Solicitors has an outstanding reputation in dealing with and defending Violent Offender Orders.

Since 3 August 2009 courts have had power to make Violent Offender Orders under Part 7 of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008.   This is a civil order which is intended to protect the public from “qualifying offenders” who pose a current risk of “serious violent harm.”  They are available for offenders over 18 who have been received at least 12 months custody or a hospital order or have been found not guilty by reason of insanity for one of the following ‘relevant’ offences:

  • Manslaughter
  • Solicitation to murder
  • S. 18 OAPA 1861
  • S. 20 OAPA 1861
  • Attempt or conspiracy to murder
  • Equivalent Service offences

A VOO is a stand alone order, made on complaint by a chief officer of police and is separate to any sentence following a criminal conviction.  There is no power for the CPS to apply for a VOO.

VOO’s can be very restrictive.  Examples of terms of a VOO include:

  • Not to approach named complainants or witnesses;
  • not to go within a specified distance of complainant or witness
  • not to contact, or attempt to contact, directly or indirectly;
    including via any third party, complainant or witness
  • not to enter or remain on any licensed premises during
    licensed hours for those premises;
  • not to attend any licensed or other public premises or be in
    any other public place while the public screening of a
    sporting event is for the time being taking place.

However, breach of the terms of a VOO, or failure to comply with the notification requirements of a VOO, constitutes a criminal offence punishable by 5 years imprisonment. The CPS will prosecute offences of breach of VOO or breach of notification requirements and will apply the Code for Crown Prosecutors.

If you find yourself subject to a VOO, or on the receiving end of an application for a VOO, it is vital that you get an expert defence team from the outset. The VOO can be appealed in the Crown Court, if it has been issued in a Magistrates Court. Tuckers Solicitors is one of the few practices specialising in this type of work.

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Violent Offender Orders (VOO)