Offences Connected With Sport and Football

Offences Connected With Sport and Football

Tuckers Solicitors have specific experience of advising and representing those accused of criminal offences related to sport or sporting events, in particular in relation to football.

Most offences concerning events at football matches are covered under general criminal defence law, such as offences against the person and public disorder offences.  These would be dealt with by the police and court in the normal way but may involve some ancillary sentences which can severely restrict your access to future matches.

There are also a number of specific offences relating to football.  These offences can include match fixing, the throwing of missiles, unauthorised attendance, breach of banning orders and ticket touting. If you find yourself being investigated, or worse, prosecuted for any of these matters, you should contact us immediately so that we can ensure that you are properly and fairly represented.

Football Banning Order

Many loyal supporters are more concerned about the prospect of a Football Banning Order (FBO) being imposed than a criminal conviction.  Current guidance states that prosecutors must apply for an FBO whenever a person is convicted of a relevant football-related offence, unless there are exceptional reasons for not doing so.

FBO’s can be extremely restrictive and examples of restrictions include the following:

  • a restricted zone around a ground for a period of two hours before to two hours after a match;
  • prohibition on using the national rail network without the prior approval of the British Transport Police;
  • to report to a specified police station within five days of the FBO;
  • to surrender their passport when required by the Football Banning Orders Authority;
  • to report to a police station during the “control periods” associated with “regulated football matches” outside of the UK

An FBO may be for up to 10 years if immediate imprisonment is imposed and must be for at least 6 years. If no immediate imprisonment is ordered, the maximum is 5 years and the minimum 3 years.  Courts are increasingly granting these orders.  You will need specific legal advice and representation at court if you wish to try and oppose an FBO.

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Offences Connected With Sport and Football